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bullet Clasificación y conjugación de verbos.
bullet Palabras, verbos  y frases usuales. Recuerda: para buscar verbos en infinitivo, éstos comienzan con la palabra "to".


abroad   in or to a foreign country; overseas
adoringly   in a loving way
advantage   a good or useful quality that something has
ahead   in advance; beforehand
all the time   very often
anchovies   small, salty fish
appearance   the way a person or thing looks or seems
appetizer   a small amount of food eaten before a meal or as the first part of it
as a matter of fact   an expression that adds emphasis to what you're saying
aside   on or to one side
asparagus   a long, thin vegetable with green or white stems
assignment   homework
ballroom dancing   formal dancing, such as the tango or waltz
batter   a liquid mixture of milk, eggs, and flour
block   the distance from one street to the next in a city or town
body language   the movements or positions by which you show people your feelings without using words
bubble   a ball, of air in a liquid, on its surface, or in the air
bungee jumping   jumping off a high place with feet attached to a long elastic rope
by itself   without help
cancellation   a reservation the customer no longer wants
casual   relaxed in style or manner; not formal
category   a grouping of people or things by type
check   a piece of paper telling how much you must pay for ordered food
cheek   side of the face on either side of the nose and below the eye
costume   clothing worn in order to look like someone else
coworker   a person working with another worker
crispy very thin, easily broken, and crunchy
Danish   the language of Denmark
deserted   empty of people or things
directly   straight in the face, without anything between
disadvantage   something that is not good or causes problem
disaster   an event causing great harm, damage, or suffering
discipline   an area or subject of study
document   a written or printed paper with official information on it
dressing   a liquid mixture often of oil, vinegar, and spices
emergency button   the small object you press for help in a dangerous situation
environment   the air, water, and land around us
eternity   endless time; time without limits
ethnic   of a certain national, racial, or cultural origin
eye contact   looking directly in the eyes of someone who is looking at you
family tree   a drawing that shows all members of a family and how they are related to one another
flounder   a small, flat fish
frame   a border that encloses and supports a picture, photograph, mirror, etc.
fresh air   clean and cool air
garlic   a plant of the onion family with a strong taste and smell
ginger   the spicy root of a light brown tropical plant
graduate school   a university division for specialized study beyond a four-year degree
gravy   a sauce made from meat juices
great-   used with a word for a relative to mean one generation older than that relative
hang gliding   flying by hanging onto a huge kite with a metal frame
hard   difficult
homemade   done or made in the place where you live rather than bought from a store
How come?   Why?
hysterical very funny
I'm afraid so   a formal expression meaning "I'm sorry to tell you that it's true."
icebreaker   a remark used to start a conversation with someone you don't know
impression   an idea or opinion of what someone or something is like
in order of preference   in order from most to least liked
in-law   related by marriage
julienned   cut into thin strips
law   the study of a government's rules
lettuce   a round vegetable with large, green leaves eaten in salads
light   not large or heavy
local   from the area where you are
message   the main idea that a speaker is trying to communicate
messy   disorderly or dirty
mirror   glass backed by metal which reflects an linage
motto   a phrase that sums up an attitude
neat   arranged well, with everything in its place
nephew   a son of your brother or sister
niece   a daughter of your brother or sister
oregano   an herb whose dried leaves are used in cooking
organized   careful; planning ahead
out of service   not working
outdoors   outside; not in a building
outgoing   friendly and willing to meet new people
part-time   done for periods of time shorter than the usual hours or schedule
personality   qualities that make a person different from others as shown in behaviors, feelings, and ways of thinking
pet   an animal that is kept in the home as a companion and treated affectionately
political science   the study of politics
powder   a loose, dry substance of very fine grains, like flour thyme an herb with sweet-smelling leaves
psychologist   someone who studies the mind and emotions and their relationship to behavior
reservation   an arrangement to have a seat or table kept until your arrival
rough   difficult
scallion   a small, thin onion with a green stem
seasoned   flavored with salt, herbs, or spices
server   a waiter or waitress
smooth   without holes, lumps, or uneven places
so far   until now
soy sauce   a salty, dark brown liquid flavoring
specialty   the dish you are most skilled at making
spicy   flavored with spices that are hot to the taste
stressful   worrying
stuck   unable to move
stuff   a group of different things (informal)
supportive   giving help and encouragement
survey   a group of questions given to people to find out their opinions
terrific   great
the UN the United Nations
to act out to show something by performing it as in a play; role-play
to apply   to request something, usually officially, by writing or by sending in a form
to be evicted   to be forced to leave a place
to be in charge   to be the person who is responsible
to be there for someone   to be ready to help someone
to bond   to forma close and lasting relationship with another person
to bow   to bend forward, especially to show respect or thanks
to click   to become friendly (informal)
to collect   to bring together; gather
to confuse   to wrongly think that one person or thing is someone or something else
to do (one's) own thing   to be independent (slang)
to drain   to cause the liquid to flow away
to earn   to receive as payment for work done
to find out   to obtain knowledge about something
to garnish   to decorate food with a small amount of a different, often colorful, food
to get along   to have a good relationship
to gossip   to talk about other people's private lives
to have a quick temper   to become angry easily
to have something in common   to have the same interests or characteristics
to hit it off   to meet and begin to like each other immediately
to hold a grudge   to feel anger, usually for a long time, toward a person who treated you badly
to land in   to arrive at a place or situation
to lean   to rest against
to leap   to move quickly into unknown situations
to lend   to give for a certain period of time
to make up   to form
to mix up   to mistake someone or something for someone or something else
to need a hand   to need help (informal, a figure of speech)
to pick   to choose; to take some things and leave others
to rise to your goals   to accomplish your aims
to scribble   to write or draw quickly or carelessly
to shake hands to briefly join hands and move them slightly up and down
to take the blame   to say that something is your fault
to talk behind someone's back   to talk badly about a person who is not present
to touch   to feel; to put the fingers or hand lightly on or against something
to walk around in circles   to walk a lot without getting anywhere because you're lost
today's special   a dish available only today
tortilla   a thin, flat, round bread made of corn or wheat flour
tough   difficult; challenging
tropical   typical of or belonging to the hottest parts of the world
typical   showing the characteristics of a particular kind of person or thing
Uh-oh   the sound people make when they have made a mistake or when something bad has happened

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